“At LiKa Family Fostering we firmly believe every child in care deserves an outstanding foster carer. We also believe that every carer deserves an outstanding supervising social worker.”

Our fostering agency has first hand experience in the use of systemic practice within fostering services and how this can assist the development of skills and reflective abilities of foster carers.

LiKa carers will therefore have confidence in the support provided by LiKa Family Fostering, which enables them to embrace the challenges that children bring, viewing difficult times as the critical moments that create growth in their relationships.

LiKa Carers are skilled practitioners in their own right, knowing instinctively how to use therapeutic ideas to become an agent of change in children’s lives.

“Foster carers have high praise for the leaders of the fostering service. A foster carer told the inspector, ‘The team are very  positive, reassuring, enthusiastic and passionate, with lots of energy. They want to train us to be the best foster carers we can be.”
(Ofsted Inspection 2017)


  • “The supervising social worker says of the managers “They are two incredible women, passionate about what they are doing. The best thing about my role is being a part of a team. We talk every day, its constant; we have a good level of trust and a closeness. Support and supervision is excellent.”

    Person FourOfsted Inspection 2017
  • “The consultant family therapist says of the managers, ‘My impression? They’re diligent, focused, assertive and have passion. They work hard for better placements.”

    Person ThreeOfsted Inspection 2017
  • “A child’s social worker says of the service, ‘It’s an energetic, motivated and highly professional fostering agency. The supervising social worker is an exceptional practitioner with a wealth of experience in supporting the foster carers and myself!”

    Person TwoOfsted Inspection 2017
  • “Foster carers also have high praise for the leaders of the fostering service. A foster carer told the inspector, ‘The team are very positive, reassuring, enthusiastic and passionate, with lots of energy. They want to train us to be the best foster carers we can be."

    Person OneOfsted Inspection 2017


I qualified as a social worker in 2003 and continued working as a social worker and social work manager within statutory looked after children and fostering services until 2012. I then worked as an independent consultant for 2 years, guiding and supporting social workers within a variety of local authorities nationwide to assist skills development to improve social work practice.

I was first introduced to systemic therapy ideas seven years ago when I worked within a multi-systemic therapy team set up to prevent children coming into care and foster placement breakdown. I was astounded by the change that occurred in my ability to assist families create change through the use of a clear theoretical model to guide practice and skills development and aim to use this experience to train and guide LiKa supervising social workers and foster carers alike.


My career started in 2003 as a youth worker in a residential children’s home. I qualified as a social worker in 2006 and have worked within generic, duty and assessment and fostering social care teams where I developed an interest in play therapy and playful techniques to help abused children.

From 2009 I worked within the Reclaim Model as a consultant social worker for a fostering unit. I also trained and qualified as a Systemic Practitioner. In 2012 I worked nationwide as a consultant to local authorities, developing social workers skills engaging children and their families in meaningful ways to create positive change and functioning. I’m looking forward to supporting the development of LiKa foster carers to achieve the same.

LiKa? What does it mean?

The name LiKa is two syllables long and is pronounced ‘l(iy)- ka’.

LiKa as a word has its own diverse meaning: it’s a unisex name and is used within the language of many different countries. We feel the name not only relates to the diversity of children, foster carers, staff and community who are connected to our fostering agency LiKa Family Fostering. It also connects ourselves by letter, symbolic of the heart and soul we have poured into it’s creation.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • In African-Swahili language it is understood as ‘heavenly land’.
  • India: mother, one who is sensitive, valuable, embrace.
  • Sweden: to be equal and the same.
  • Arabic: likeable.
  • Greek: messenger.
  • Bengali: desiring union, right path, new leaves.
  • French and German: angelic, connected.