So you’ve clicked on option two. That means you know about fostering but may feel unsure as to whether it’s right for you.
Choosing to become a foster carer can change children’s lives, but it has to be right for everyone in your family home. We hope the following information inspires you. If you like what you read, follow on the journey of person three to learn more about how LiKa will support you every step of the way.

Do I have what it takes to become a foster carer?

If you have patience, empathy and the ability to be reflective; you have a good sense of humour and the ability to encourage playfulness in children; you are able to care for a foster child like they are part of your family; you are keen to learn, develop and grow your communication skills and you have the ability to create positive relationships with all types of people, then you have the core skills we’re looking for.

What type of fostering will suit me?

Foster carers often combine different fostering types to fit in with their lifestyle or the needs of the child. As part of your assessment, we will discuss the types of fostering available and identify your strengths to ensure we identify the children and young people you could give the best care to.

What about the child’s family?

At LiKa we feel it is of vital importance for you to build up positive working relationships with your foster child’s family. This will assist your child’s happiness and placement stability. You will always be supported by your social worker with this.

What effect will fostering have on your family?

Choosing to be a foster carer is an inspiring decision that changes children’s lives, but it has to be right for everyone in your family home. To make sure this is the case, your whole family will be part of the fostering assessment from the very beginning, and will continue to be listened to and supported by your supervising social worker throughout your fostering career.

What will I know about the child before they are placed with me and do I have a choice?

It’s your decision as to whether you accept a placement and child into your home. To help you make an informed choice, we share as much information about the child or young person and their background as possible. This also helps us discuss and pinpoint the support you’ll need throughout the placement.



You will be paid a weekly amount of up to £550 for each child placed with you. The weekly allowance will enable you to cover the needs of each child living with you. We pay increased amounts for young people who need additional support. The Government introduced an income tax exemption for foster carers with an income below a set level, so this shouldn’t affect any benefits you receive. LiKa Family Fostering also provides 3 weeks’ paid respite for all our foster carers. Find out more about the foster carers financial support here.


The assessment process takes 4-6 months. Your supervising social worker (SSW) will be with you every step of the way.
There are then 5 steps to become a LiKa foster carer.


Call or email to ask questions, request an information pack and application form or home visit.


Initial home visit to decide if you move into stage one of the assessment process: fact checking; references and health/DBS checks.


Attend a three-day skills to foster preparatory group and an ‘Introduction to Systemic Therapy’ training day.


Complete a full fostering assessment.


Attend our Independent Fostering panel, where a final decision will be made for you to become a fully approved carer.


We hope the information on this page has inspired you. If you are interested in joining LiKa but have further questions, please call us on 020 8667 2111. If you have already made up your mind and can’t wait to get on board, please fill in the contact us form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.