So you have clicked on option three. That means you have previously worked or currently work as a foster carer, adopter or childcare professional. You might be looking for a change of scene or you may be feeling unsupported by your current fostering agency or local authority and are looking for a new foster care agency that stands out above the rest. Well look no further! We are confident we are the difference that will create an inspiring difference for your career in foster care.


The reasons we set up LiKa was mainly due to our own frustrations at the limited investment put into the support and training of their foster carers, which in turn impacts on the care of children. We make a promise that if you join our team you will always feel listened to, you will receive creative and interactive training, you’ll be fully supported throughout the fostering journey and you’ll always have a say in the matching of placements.


The big difference is that we will train you to become a skilled carer in the use of systemic therapy ideas, which will assist you in becoming an agent of positive change in your foster child’s life. We are confident these tools will enable you to better embrace the challenges and successes children bring, viewing the difficult times as critical moments that create positive learning and development in your relationships.


At LiKa fostering agency, we believe it’s the support that will make the difference to you. LiKa foster agency invests time and energy in your supervision processes, with your supervising social workers (SSW) spending much more time working alongside you. They do this while using processes influenced by systemic therapy ideas which support LiKa’s therapeutic fostering approach.
These create a space where you can develop a secure professional relationship with your personal SSW and feel able to be open and reflective about your strengths and areas for improvement. It also means you have control over your own professional development as a foster carer.


At LiKa we believe that placements should be stable wherever possible and that resolving conflict and working through issues is a position fostering families should be supported to take. We therefore put a lot of time and energy into our careful matching process. However, we are also realistic about providing emergency placement when there may be little information provided due to circumstances. If this occurs, there is an increase in support from the LiKa fostering agency team until full information is received.


At LiKa Family Fostering agency we believe the safety and wellbeing of your foster child is paramount and we therefore take all complaints and allegations very seriously. We are also aware of the effect allegations and complaints have on the person it is about. We make a promise to you that we will deal with all complaints objectively and efficiently and support you as our carer every step of the way. We also provide independent support and legal advice for our foster carers through Fostering Network.

What else?

We will inviting a lead researcher in fostering agency standards to undertake a qualitative study of our agency to identify the positive outcomes for children placed with us. This will ensure we uphold the high standards set out in our Statement of Purpose.


Yes, it is very easy and we will help you through the whole process.
If you decide to transfer to us, LiKa will assess whether you have the right skill set to join our team. After this, you can start the transfer process by giving 28 days notice to your current agency (if there are no children in placement). If you have children in placement you will need to provide written notice to your agency and the placing local authority.
For more information please read the transfer of foster carers protocol and our financial rewards available for carers who have the experience.

What if my agency won’t let me leave?

As a foster carer, you are an important asset to the agency you work for and they won’t want to lose you. If you find yourself in this situation, LiKa will be happy to provide you with support and guidance and advise you on appropriate action to take. It is important to remember that transferring is an individual choice and a choice made by you.


Yes, but the process will be a lot shorter. LiKa will request to see your Form F assessment from your current agency and we will update it with our own assessment. You will be asked to attend our ‘skills to foster’ training, which has an additional day related to systemic practice ideas. A SSW from LiKa will then visit you at home and complete the new assessment. This will then be presented to our panel for approval. As long as you and key members of your family have up-to-date DBS (CRB), this process will take up to two months.


Enjoyable foster caring is possible…
We hope the information on this page has inspired you. If you are interested in joining LiKa but have further questions, please call us on 020 8667 2111. If you have already made up your mind and can’t wait to get on board, please fill in the contact us form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.