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lika ofsted inspection 2017

We have some Exciting News…. Lika was recently inspected by Ofsted and we have been rated Good in all 5 areas!

Lika are regulated by Ofsted (through our recent Lika Ofsted Inspection) to ensure we adhere to the National Minimum Fostering Standards (2011) and other relevant legislation, ensuring that children are safe and well cared for by Lika foster carers. They also ensure foster carers are well supported and cared for by Lika. We are feeling extremely proud that we have achieved this rating in our first inspection and put this achievement down to our dedicated staff and carers who fully embrace our systemic approach to improve outcomes for children and young people in care.

Lika Ofsted Inspection

Here are a few quotes to give you insight into the great things the Lika Ofsted Inspection noticed about what we do…

“Foster carers receive an outstanding level of support from the staff team. They are very much valued within the agency and they feel that the exceptional level of support that they receive is a key strength of the service. A foster care says of the agency’s support, ’It’s excellent. There’s a combination of formal supervision, group supervision, consistent communication, checking in via texts and phone calls, and even online groups for support.’ Staff ensure that communication between themselves and foster carers is regular. Home visits are frequent and explore a range of placement issues.

“Training opportunities for foster carers are impressive. Children looked after and foster carers benefit from the fostering agency’s extensive training programme. The training explores ideals of systemic theory and its relevance to the foster care task… Foster carers feel that the quality of training provided is excellent and are appreciative of their learning. A foster carer said, ‘The training is excellent. They mix it up. It’s very interactive and never boring. Afterwards, the reflection makes you think even more. The training highlighted the need for me to be calmer and I used this learning when working with my young person.”

“Foster carers also have high praise for the leaders of the fostering service. A foster carer told the inspector, ‘The team are very  positive, reassuring, enthusiastic and passionate, with lots of energy. They want to train us to be the best foster carers we can be.”

Please read the full report by clicking HERE.

Join Lika

This is such an exciting start for Lika, if you feel excited too and want to become a Lika foster carer and become part of the development of our agency for the future then please get in touch today by clicking HERE.

Lika are now recruiting. If you know someone who you think would be an outstanding foster carer, get them to visit the Lika website or call us on 020 8667 2111.

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