Support Worker


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SERVICE:Fostering Service

AGENCY:Lika Family Fostering

REPORTING TO:Lika Family Fostering Registered Manager

CONTRACT TYPE:Subcontractor / sessional

SALARY RANGE:£10:50 – £12:50 per hour depending on skills / experience


Support Worker


SERVICE:Fostering Service

AGENCY:Lika Family Fostering

REPORTING TO:Lika Family Fostering Registered Manager

CONTRACT TYPE:Subcontractor / sessional

SALARY RANGE:£10:50 – £12:50 per hour depending on skills / experience



LiKa is a new and growing foster agency based in London.

LiKa recruits foster carers for children in local authority care, and supports foster carers to develop their skills and knowledge to care appropriately for these children.

The aim is to recruit carers from the community which these vulnerable children have lived in, to bring back a sense of family and cohesion to their journey through foster care.

LiKa matches children and young people to these carers once approved. It is out aim to create the best placement for these young people, to create safe and loving homes to help young people recover from trauma and to form new relationships.


LiKa employs a support worker who will support children and carers alike with the aim of enhancing placement stability and outcomes for children and skills development of carers. They will also support the running of LiKa by taking on responsibility of some of the admin tasks within the service.

To work alongside the other professionals, including the foster carers, to fulfill parts of the child, or young person’s Care Plan. To promote the development of and help the children and young people recover from trauma. There will be a requirement to work in the school holidays and some weekends.

The hours can be used flexibly – in agreement with the Foster Carer and the Registered manager, so you can plan your own diary.


This will be clarified with the Registered Manager and foster carers Supervising Social Worker:


Organising and undertaking activities, in conjunction with tasks set in their care plans or needs of their placement.

Organising respite days, away from the fostering household, fulfilling hours delegated by the Registered Manager, of up to 6-hours per day.

Undertake consultations and feedback sessions, with all children and young people to ensure they are being listened to and that their views influence service delivery and service development.


Feedback to foster carers, verbally and over the shared Whatsapp group, any behaviours which need addressing.


Record all sessions, meetings and telephone calls related to carers and children placed with them within 48 hours of the visit occurring.

Noting any safeguarding issues as ‘Incidents” and raising this immediately with the Registered Manager.


Develop and maintain good working relationships with: any other family member or
professional around the child.

Report to the Registered Manager or other appropriate person, in the event of awareness of bad practice.

Safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in placement with LiKa.

Work in accordance with professional practice, statutory and legal requirements and the policies of LiKa Family Fostering.


Maintain professional knowledge and skills through training, reading and reflective supervision

Attend reflective supervision with Line Manager and follow a personal development plan to ensure continuous professional development.

Experience &

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the following qualifications, skills and experience:

Applicants will have experience of working with children and young people, who have been looked after.

Preferably have worked within independent, voluntary or statutory provision.

Good organisational and time management skills

The successful applicant will be expected to undertake training and development
necessary for the post.


An appreciation of the effect of separation and loss on children.

Awareness of diverse families.

An understanding of the Regulations and National Minimum Standards

An understanding of the Children Act 1989 and the relevant laws / regulations
underpinning fostering.


The authority and competence to operate as a support worker, in accordance with
Regulations, Guidance and the policies and procedures of the agency.

Excellent interpersonal and listening skills.

The ability to communicate well and clearly both orally and in writing

The ability to facilitate the active participation of all children and young people.

Flexibility will be needed to cover work with children and young people and foster carers.

Essentially, applicant must be an excellent role model for children and young people.


A commitment to ensure that the best possible Every Child Matters outcomes are achieve for children looked after.

A commitment to ensure children and young people are happy and well supported in their placements.

A valuing of diversity in relation to issues of ethnicity, race, religion, gender, disability and sexual orientation.

An understanding of and a commitment to the need for confidentiality.

A willingness to increase knowledge and understanding of issues through training, reading, discussion and supervision.

Willingness to travel is required.

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