Training and Support Matters

 In Becoming a Carer

At LiKa we believe quality training and support makes the difference to a foster carers ability to enjoy and continue in their role. We have therefore asked one of our male carers to share his experiences of the training and support provided by LiKa so far…

How was the assessment process with LiKa?

The assessment process was easy because it was structured, it was thorough because many areas of our lives were looked into, it was relaxed because of assessor’s positive approach. All of these made the assessment process very professional. The way it should be.

Anything you learnt about yourself and fostering along the assessment journey?

Fostering is a professional task. Foster carers are professionals in the child care system working alongside with other professionals. It’s all about providing a secure base for a neglected or abused child taken into care. Helping and moving the child through into stability, independent living and helping them to make the right choices. It’s about giving a second chance to the child to self-develop and to be self-sufficient over the years. This not only could make a difference to the child but could also make a positive difference on the foster carer’s lives, thoughts and spirit. I might also add, in case someone wishes to do this for monetary gain alone, then this is probably not the right task for them, a positive spirit has to be there.

Now that you are approved, how important do you feel training and support is to you as a foster carer?

For me training and support is absolutely crucial especially when one hasn’t had experience with children. And Lika has been fantastic in this. However I feel one of the best training one could receive is having literal experience with children in your care.

What is your experience of LiKa’s training and support so far?

Lika has given us brilliant training sessions and they have been very professional about it. The fact that they have asked us what further training do we think would be appropriate, shows they care.

Anything you feel is different to the support you see foster carers in other agencies receive?

I have been with one other agency in the adoption process and all seemed fine but when it came to the matching process it all went cold. With Lika I see there is care, consideration, great attitude and professionalism though we are still in the process of matching as I write this. Lika has shown lot of enthusiasm and support so far we can see.

What has been the most enjoyable part of your induction training?

I can see lot of energy and drive from Lika and this alone has given us the boost that we need. The good thing is after a training session we can reflect back anytime and ask questions, and issues would be addressed.

What has been the most difficult?

There was a lot of training we went through last year and the only difficulty we faced was we were in the middle of renovations and a family wedding collateral to the training sessions, but Lika were supportive of this and adjusted taking into considerations of other new foster carers schedules, and they managed well.

Did any learning take place during the process that you are already applying in your day to day life as a foster carer and social worker?

Health and Safety training is one we apply in our day to day life. We now live as if a child is living with us and consider Health & Safety, even though a placement is yet to happen. This should be the norm for potential foster carers.

Anything you would want potential foster carers know about the training and support you receive that you think might encourage them to join (or not join) LiKa?

Training and support is great and I would recommend Lika as the journey would be great. But if potential carers are doing it for the money alone then fostering role is not for them. This role is only for genuine carers who want to bring some improvement in a child’s life and the money comes secondary. It’s crucial to be realistic in child care.

LiKa are now recruiting. If you know someone who you think would be an outstanding foster carer, get them to visit the LiKa website.

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