Why Choose LiKa?

All LiKa carers are provided with specialist training that enables them to become skilled professionals, using therapeutic fostering methods to create positive change in childrens’ lives. We want out carers to succeed so that our young people can too.

We’re here to support you

To make sure our carers can reach their full potential and feel supported and confident we offer specialist support and supervision. Our expert therapists, trainers and social care practitioners are on hand 24/7 to help you whenever you need.

  • 24/7 duty support line
  • Monthly 1-to-1 supervision with your dedicated social worker
  • Monthly group supervision with other foster carers and therapists
  • Monthly training days specific to skills you need to develop
  • Specialist training using actors to role play scenarios and enhance skills
  • Online training that you can do from home
  • A library of helpful resources, including guides and handbooks
  • Support and training for your children
  • Fun days out with other foster carers, children and LiKa staff
  • WhatsApp groups to stay connected with your support team and our foster carer network
  • A support worker when needed
  • Support dealing with the young person’s family and professional help so you do not feel alone
  • Regular feedback which we act on immediately

Upcoming Events

Come and say hello! We host regular events for all you future carers out there to come along, ask questions and find out more about the experience of fostering a child with LiKa.




Northcote Road Summer Fete




West Norwood Food Fest




Lika Family Fostering

What makes LiKa different?

Our unique approach of training foster carers to use therapeutic ideas to support young people is just one way that LiKa stands out. There are many challenges in a young person’s life, so we want you to be prepared to help them tackle these together.

For our
Foster Carers

Fun Training

We provide frequent, fun, reflective foster care training and supervision to enhance your skills and development.

Tailored Supervision

Individual supervision can be increased in intensity and frequency as and when you need it. We also provide group supervision with your fostering peers once a month, led by a systemic psychotherapist.

More Complexity, More Support

Practical and financial support increases where complex issues are identified.

For our
Local Authority Social Workers

Direct Support

If requested, LiKa SSW will undertake direct work with children alongside the foster carer during times of crisis.

A new type of relationship

Experience a new type of relationship with SSW that reassures you that LiKa foster carers are well supported, enabling them to provide better care for children.

Specialist Training

You will be invited to join all our specialist foster training and systemic group supervision sessions.

For our
Children & Young People

Fun Carers

We make sure all our foster carers know how to be playful and have fun with you!

Young Persons Council

Join our young persons’ council to help shape LiKa, help choose who works for us and decide how to spend money on activities and fun stuff.

Positive Relationships

Our foster carers support your contact and make positive relationships with your family.

For our
Supervising Social Workers

Reflective Supervision

Your supervision will be reflective and reflexive, undertaken by a dual qualified systemic practitioner and social work manager.

Tailored Training

We have a tailored training package to make sure you continue developing professionally.

Flexible Working Hours

All our social workers are invited to work flexible working hours to suit the foster carers families they support and their own family life.

For our
Local Authorities

More than just Carers

Our foster carers are agents of change in a child’s life and work hand-in-hand with your care plans to improve and evidence outcomes.

Tiered Price Range

A four-tiered price range that will reduce as change and stability is achieved and discounts on placements longer than 12 months.

FREE Training

Free training and systemic group supervision offered to all LAC SW who work with us.

Transfering to LiKa

Transferring is a very easy process and there is clear guidance set out by the Fostering Network? that guides the way we do this. Once you have made the decision to transfer we take on the majority of what happens next.

For more information please read the transfer of foster carers protocol.

5 steps to becoming a LiKa carer

Step 1: Transfer to Lika Family Fostering Agency


Arrange a time for one of our skilled and dedicated social care team to call you for a chat about all things fostering.

Step 2: Transfer to Lika Family Fostering Agency


Initial home visit to decide if you move into stage one of the assessment process: fact checking; references and health/DBS checks.

Step 3: Foster Care training


Attend a three-day skills to foster preparatory group and an ‘Introduction to Systemic Therapy’ training day.

Step 4: Foster Care qualifications


Complete a full fostering assessment.

Step 5: Lika graduation


Attend our Independent Fostering panel, where a final decision will be made for you to become a fully approved foster carer.

The First Step

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Privacy Policy Disclaimer
We do not share your details outside of LiKa Family Fostering,
we only contact you in respect of your Fostering journey.

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